Amazon: Best in the world of e-commerce


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What is Amazon?
What types of products can you get on Amazon?
How has E-commerce changed small scale shops and the electronic industry?

3.1 Understanding how Amazon SEO works to your advantage

3.2 The importance of relevance

3.2.1 Title of the Product

3.2.2 Seller’s Name

3.2.3 Backend Keywords

3.2.4 Filling out your brand field

3.3 The importance of performance

3.3.1 Price of the product

3.3.2 Image of the product

3.3.3 Amazon Review

Important Building Blocks of Amazon PPC
5. Understanding Amazon PPC

           5.1 Sponsored Display Ads

           5.2 Sponsored Brands

           5.3 Sponsored Products

6. Frequently Asked Questions
7.  Conclusion


What is Amazon?

Amazon is on the leading sites one can browse to buy anything under the sun’s light. The site has a healthy mixture of products ranging from daily use to expensive products. There are many e-commerce platforms available on the market, however, Amazon is leading in the race and this is because of very solid reasons.


Amazon has a huge diversity when it comes to products which other sites lack. These products are verified and are shipped after a thorough check. Even if any product in very rare cases is found to be defective, there is a return policy through which you can refund or replace the product in no time. This makes the process of buying products very easy and convenient.


In addition to this, there are a lot of offers that are running. These include deals of the day, wherein everyday you get multiple discounts on certain products. This helps consumers to get the products at a low price. Moreover, there are also festival discounts like Diwali Dhamaka, which in turn, provides products on a very low amount. These all factors add up to Amazon being one of the best in the game.


What types of products can you get on Amazon?

This is the most unique feature of Amazon, that you get almost anything you want on this site. Think about something that you can get from the market, now if you search it on Amazon there is a 95 percent chance that you will find it there. For example, Incase you are searching for a Bonsai plant, which is difficult to find as it is, you can easily find it on Amazon.


This makes the shopping process so easy for the user. Amazon is your one-stop destination. The highest selling product categories on Amazon includes clothes, electronics, books, furniture and what not.


How has E-commerce changed small scale shops and the electronic industry?

E-commerce is a great success in India and has changed the way business is done.Small scale shops that used to deal with selling phones or electronics in general have been hit critically. This is due to the fact that everything is available in one-click on your phone screen. Moreover,  89 percent of buyers agree that they’re more likely to buy products from Amazon than other ecommerce sites (Feedvisor, 2019). This is due to the fact that Amazon is reliable, secure and preferred by customers of all ages. This trust that people have on Amazon with its huge variety has revolutionised the marketplace.

  • Understanding how Amazon SEO works to your advantage

Since the company that manages SEO for Amazon, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, is called A9, Amazon’s search algorithm is referred to as A9.


Although people search for a variety of things on Google, many of which are informative, almost every Amazon search is transactional. That’s why its algorithm is based on just a few factors:


  • Performance 
  • Relevance


If you customize your Amazon product page for these two main ranking criteria, you’ll see an increase in conversions and sales on the platform.


1.1 The importance of relevance

  • Title of the Product

This is one of the most crucial things that you must take a note about. You will never be able to list a product in top pages if you do not have a relevant title of the product. An ideal title of a product includes important keywords. For eg: if you are mobile company owner, the title of the product should include the following:

  • Brand Name
  • Phone model
  • Phone size
  • Colour
  • Memory
  • Dual camera, triple camera or single camera


For eg: Samsung Dual Camera 13 Inch Black G400 32GB memory


  • Seller’s Name

This is a very subtle trick that you can use in order to push your Amazon SEO. What you need to do is that, if you are selling a phone, make sure that is included in the Seller’s name. This will increase the chance of your product being listed in the initial pages as by matching two elements in the search algorithm. 


For eg: Samsung Dual Camera 13 Inch Black G400 32GB memory

Seller’s Name: Samsung phone seller


  • Backend Keywords

These are keywords that are hidden and can be included in the seller’s account and are not visible per se but can boost your sales. These keywords help a user to tell Amazon about the nature of the product and this is the way the algorithm works. With their backend keywords, sellers will fill out five fields. Each line is limited to 50 characters. If you exceed the quota, it will not index your backend keyword.


  • Filling out your brand field

The importance of this function is to list additional pages. Whenever you select a product, there is a brand field attached to it. When a user clicks on the brand, it takes you to other additional pages where your products are listed. This helps a user to see your products in once place. The first and foremost thing that you must take note of is that you must not spell wrong the name of your brand. Secondly, you can use a keyword tool assistant if you have multiple names for your brand.


1.2 The importance of performance


  • Price of the product

You have worked a lot on your product and now you are all set to release it to the market and get a good convert rate on Amazon. However, things do not go your way. This is due to the following reasons:


  1. Check the price of the product. Make sure the product is able to compete with the competitors. In case the price of an average phone is 10,000 with the features that you are providing it, however, you list it for 15000, then you would have a low Amazon SEO.
  2. This decrease in the Amazon SEO rating is due to the reason that your convert rate is low and also that through time Amazon has learned that consumers prefer other products than your product.


The way to avoid this is to check the other products with the same features and price range. Make an informed decision strategically whether people who are going to click your product page in a specific price range will buy your product or not. After consideration of all these factors, set the price.


  • Image of the product

The only thing that you have going for you in an e-commerce store are the images of the products. Now, this is a huge problem if you are hoping to sell high-end costly products and are having photos clicked from your old phone. In this era of digital world, the best presentation you can deliver to your consumers is high-end photos which will give an accurate idea of the product. This may sound very illogical however, there is a direct correlation with convert rate and the quality of your photos.

Amazon, in its very own products use high-end images because they understand how the website works and the good benefits a high quality image can yield.


  • Amazon Review

Everyone must care about their review, take constructive criticism and rectify the mistakes. A survey recently noted that a total of approximately 85 percent of the people trust Amazon Reviews. The reviews are many times provided by certified buyers who test the product. What can one do to improve the reviews? It is very simple, all you need to do is make sure that the quality of the product, packaging, service assistance is good and you are all set to go to improve your reviews in no time.

Important Building Blocks of Amazon PPC


‘   Area Explanation
Targeting Targeting is focusing on a specific area as to advertisement. This is done while setting up your Amazon PPC. While doing this, a user has a choice to target ads based on certain keywords you choose or product ASINs.
Search terms vs. Targets  ‘Search terms’ in general means to the part of consumers entering various terms in the search in order to search various products. Now you as an advertiser bid on these targeted keywords or search terms. Hence, through these you improve your listing of the products.
Keyword Match Types This term denotes the gap between the search term and the target keyword that you bidded on. There are mainly three variation to deal with which are broad, phrase and exact. These determine the listing of the product and strategic match.
Negative Targeting These are exclusions made in the form of negative targets to exclude terms that you do not want. Some might think that this may not result in anything, however when you click on an advertisement and do not buy it, it affects the conversion rate. So, in the vision of a bigger goal and Amazon algorithm, this is crucial.
Campaign types There are two types of campaign that one can pick: automatic and manual. The difference between them is simple, manual campaigns are more technical in nature but will help you to get more precise results. While automatic campaign works on a predetermined set of criterias.


Understanding Amazon PPC

In a general context, Amazon PPC is known as pay per click and these are gained on the advertisement displayed. These Amazon advertisements can be of 3 types: i) Sponsored Products, ii) Sponsored Brands and iii)Sponsored Display Ads.


Before moving forward, let’s try to describe each type:


  1. i) Sponsored Display ads: This is one of the most effective techniques of marketing. These ads send users to other Amazon product pages according to your search history and preferences. For instance: in case you are searching for a digital watch, then it is likely to show you an advertisement of a digital ad. This is also known as product targeting.

To access this service visit:


  1. ii) Sponsored Brands: This is a place reserved for brand posts when you make a search. This method is quite helpful in promoting your brand. For instance: you are in the watch industry, when someone searches for watches and you have sponsored brand posts, it is highly likely that your sponsored brand would be listed in many instances. This will provide a push to your brand and your covert rate.



iii) Sponsored Products – These function on the parameter of ASIN targeted ads which are highly similar to that of Google adwords. Moreover, this is a highly effective method and can yield you amazing results. According to Amazon, Within the first year after launching a Sponsored Products campaign, ASINs saw an average weekly +54% lift in glance views and an average weekly +40% lift in units ordered.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Amazon Advertising cost?

The above three methods mentioned which are sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored ads follow the model of cost per click and hence, the cost of Amazon Advertising is not fixed. This is beneficial as you only have to pay when a user actually clicks on the advertisement to benefit your reach and product availability. However, to derive a basic model pay without a number of clicks is not possible.


  • How do I make my keywords relevant to my product?

Relevance is the key that you must aim for to make the keywords relevant. Suppose you are in the business of selling high-end mobile phones, do not mention keywords as low-budget phones. This will not yield any result. The keywords must be precise and to the point.


  • Where are customers taken to when they click my Sponsored Products ads?

Sponsored products are the advertisement that a user runs and they display the details of the product and the option to purchase them. As illustrated above, by clicking on the sponsored posts the traffic can be redirected to your page in order to increase the reach of your products.


  • What is the minimum daily budget for Sponsored product ads?

The minimum daily budget is set to 1 US dollar or  72.53 Indian Rupee.


  • Who are eligible to use Sponsored Brands?

Sellers (obligated to meet all requirements):


  • Active Amazon professional seller account
  • Having shipping capabilities to the locations mentioned
  • Having product listings
  • Amazon Brand Registry registration


Vendors (obligated to meet only one condition):


  • Vendor of hardlines
  • Vendor of softlines
  • Vendor of media
  • Vendor of Books
  • Vender of Consumables (non-Pantry/Fresh) 



This basic list is like a starter pack for you in order to improve your Amazon SEO and serves as a complete marketing guide. Moreover, in case you are stuck right now trying to push your listing, these are general solutions bound to improve your progress if you have not tried them yet. Amazon SEO and marketing works on the basis of customer preferences, hence, in order to list better you have to make your product and product description as customer friendly as possible.