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1. Introduction
2. Insights about how eBay Search Engine works
3. EBAY SEO Tips

3.1 Precise Descriptions

3.2 Do not overuse keywords

3.3 Do not delay shipping process

3.4 Setting the right price

3.5 Optimising title for maximum utility

3.6 Use EBay Keyword search to boost your SEO

3.7 High quality product images

3.8 Improve your accessibility of your page

3.9 Customer service is the key

4. Conclusion



In case you are wondering why your products are listed on the primary pages of EBAY, this is due to the fact that EBAY SEO works in its own unique way. However, don’t worry, in this article you will learn all about EBAY SEO to get an edge in product listings.


As of mid-2019, there are 182 million eBay users worldwide. Ebay is a competitive marketplace for the sellers this is why this article becomes crucial to understand how Ebay works. In this article, we will provide you with some tips to improve SEO ranking and how Ebay search engine works.


Insights about how Ebay Search Engine works

Ebay and Amazon SEO are quite different. However, you can understand how Ebay Search Engine works if some comparisons are drawn. Amazon works on a model where one the primary focus is on convert rate. However, Ebay isn’t the same, this is because on Ebay there are not guaranteed sales. There are people just there to browse the products and not buy them at all. You may argue that this is the same for Amazon, however, the likelihood of buying from Amazon is relatively higher. 


First, the most important factor that Ebay search engines consider is keyword integration. This is a common model followed by many search engines. However, there are some additional factors that are taken into consideration:


User friendly information: User review along with the number of visits in comparison to sales matters. In the introduction it was said that covert rate does not matter as much as Amazon, however, still it is a crucial factor that affects the listing. Keep the information brief, clear and to the point.


Price of the product: This is one of those things that are not taken into consideration while dealing with SEO which is a huge mistake. Price matters and relative price of competitors must be checked as in the long rong search engine determines what user prefers more. 



  • Precise Descriptions

One of the main problems with a user not getting a high listing on Ebay is the inability to write precise descriptions. This is necessary as a customer will not go through a 5000 words description. It has to be to the point, with clear and complete details of the product. Here are some tips for you to write precise descriptions:


  1. i) Focus on the best quality of your products and write them first
  2. ii) Use bullet points to keep your description short and precise

iii) Do not use fancy english, people need to understand the product easily

  1. iv) Do not provide all the technical details if not required, focus on describing the features and working of the product
  2. v) Get a customer survey, if they are able to understand the description or not


  • Do not overuse keywords

The second thing that people do wrong when they start learning about SEO is over-stuffing of keywords. People assume the more they use the keywords, the better the ranking will be. Well, this is not the case as the Ebay algorithm is smart to detect keyword spamming. We must understand the difference between Google SEO and EBAY SEO. Google SEO gives high weightage to relevance as to the keywords, however EBAY SEO gives weightage to conversion rate. In order to improve the conversion rate you have to keep everything customer friendly, that means to avoid spamming and make it pleasant for a customer to understand the product.


  • Do not delay shipping process

Customer reviews are crucial for good SEO ranking. Ebay will not list you very high if there are too many negative reviews and the main factor of negative reviews is delay in the shipping process. Before determining the shipping process make sure you can deliver the product in that time frame or else change the shipping period. This will give a true picture of the shipping period and the customers will not be dissatisfied. 


Ebay is quite flexible in defining the shipping process, make use of that and deliver when you promise.

  • Setting the right price

Setting the right price is a work of research and should not be done intuitively. First, you need to search your product on Ebay and look at the price that other people are offering. This will give you an idea of the marketplace. Your price of the product has to be relatively low or a little high keeping in consideration what unique you are offering. A research like this is crucial because it affects the listing in a major way. In case, you keep the price of your product very high than others, the customers will not buy it. It will lead to a low convert rate and would harm your listing.


  • Optimising title for maximum utility

The title of the product is one of the most crucial things which is directly related to convert rate. In order to increase the utility of the title, you need to follow some easy quick tipis. First and foremost, the title should relate to the product, never make it a clickbait, your sale will suffer and eventually the listing will go down. Secondly, keyword integration is quintessential in the title. Third, do not try to overstretch the title, this will just not work as the algorithm tries to exclude irrelevant matches. What you need to do is create a perfect match. A perfect match looks like this:


For eg: A customer searches for Adidas red shoe and you have the same in the title

However, if you Adidas, red, black, shoe, lace, high-end all this in the title, you would not create a perfect match and your listing will suffer.


However, opt for long titles. Overstretching and putting long titles has a subtle difference that you must understand. You can have long titles without having to put repetitive and absurd information. We recommend you to go for a long title due to a research conducted:


The graph depicts that high characters in the title have higher sales than too by a huge margin. 

  • Use EBay Keyword search to boost your SEO

This is one of the professional tips that we bring to you that is going to have an edge over your competitors. SEO is governed by keywords, however, how do you decide which keyword to put? This dilemma is dealt with the use of Google Keyword Planner.


All you have to do here is put in some of the details regarding the category and some additional details. 


The interface will look something like this with a variety of options to customise the search results. All you have to do here is to type your main keyword and you would be presented with a ton of alternative keywords with rankings. Pick the one that is rated high and one that you can insert easily in your advertisement and you are all set to go.


  • High quality product images

Time and time again, people have emphasised the need for you to incorporate high quality  product images and this is due to a specific reason. When a customer lands on your digital page, he or she has the only way to assess the quality of your product first-hand, through your images. Now if you have uploaded a shabby image of the product, would you buy such a product? Do not make this mistake, get it professionally clicked or refer to some youtube tutorial on product photography. It won’t take much of your time, all you need is a clear, high quality image of the product and you are all set to go.


Here are some tips to capture high-quality product images for Ebay:


  • Use a plain light background if your product is dark in colour and dark background if your product is light. This will create contrast and give you a better photo
  • Do not use titled angles to capture the photo, vertical or horizontal is the way to go
  • Make sure there is enough light in the room to capture good quality photo
  • Do not cut part of the product, it must be whole
  • Do not go overboard by adding borders or manually editing it to add sparkles or design to it. Keep it strictly professional


Check out this image for instance, it is not professionally clicked, however, it has good light, the product is visible and is high quality. This may be one of the reasons it is viewed 11 times per hour and by following all the results you may be able to get similar results.


  • Improve your accessibility of your page

Many people do not even consider this element as a part of SEO and this is where you can gain the advantage. But first, let us understand what the term accessibility means. This means that you make it easier for your user who is currently on your page to understand things, make purchases and visually give them a pleasant experience.


This is because search engines are inherently designed to show more results which are better for the customers. But now one may ask, how can I increase the accessibility of my page. For this very purpose we have compiled three tips that you can follow.


  1. Be conscious about the texts in your page: What this means is that, first you want to ask yourself the question, is what I am writing necessary and informative for the consumer or not? If the answer is no, remove it. Secondly, focus on the font, do not make it too small or too big which would cause irritation to the customer. You can check out various model pages on Ebay listed in the top to get an idea about the font.Third and the most important is to not make your text complicated, keep the sentences short and easy to read. Otherwise, a person who is not well-read in English as the primary language may not go through the details of the page and this will cost you in sales.
  2. Usage of alt tags: Alt tags are very helpful for visually impared people and help other people to figure out everything about the page. Again, this thing must be in every event kept in mind to have clear instructions so that it is easy for the customer.


  1. Spell Check every time: What’s the worst thing a professional company can do when selling a ‘prodct’, yes it is to spell ‘product’ wrong or for that fact spell anything wrong. It just seems odd and does not give a trustable opinion about that page. Hence, you must go through the page once you finish writing. An alternative solution for this is to download grammarly or purchase it, however, still you must go through the page as grammarly also leaves out certain edits. 


9. Customer service is the key

It is the goodwill of your brand and product that is going to withstand the test of time and in this journey customer service plays a huge rule. There are chances that the product you are selling may be defective in some circumstances or the customer breaks some part of it, in this case what they are looking for is quick repair. This is an area where many companies lack. Certain telephone companies have made a bad name due to their poor customer service. This has affected people not choosing them. Such should not be the case with you, you must set out clear instructions as in how many days a repair must be done and delivered in that timeframe. This will help you to increase your convert rate in the long term and improve your SEO listing.



There are the 9 tips that you can use to boost your Ebay SEO ranking. This is a continuous process and would take you a little time to improve your listings. However, you can immediately adjust your title and add relevant keywords. Moreover, with the knowledge of the Search Engine algorithm you are destined to have more sales than before.