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1. Introduction

1.1 Is it good for SEO to have a BigCommerce website?

1.2 How do you optimize your BigCommerce website for the best results?

2. Tips to improve BigCommerce SEO Rankings

2.1 Use SSL Certification

2.2 Enhance your loading speed

2.3 Using the page titles in the best manner possible

2.4 The use of Backlinks

2.5 Use your Meta Description Wisely

2.6 Optimize images with ALT tags

2.7 The secret to success is excellent customer service

3. Conclusion


Big-commerce SEO



BigCommerce is a gateway to set your own eCommerce platform. The good thing about this platform is that you don’t need to know coding to make your website. All you have to do is select the design and put the information in a template with a heavy room to customize. This is a user-friendly approach to website building.


The credibility of this site has led to a massage usage rate. We know of 51,797 live websites using BigCommerce and an additional 98,315 sites that used BigCommerce historically. The customer service of this website is top-notch and can help you with the slightest of the issue. However, let’s go down to the main issue of SEO which we would be dealing with at length in this article.


There are some fundamental questions we need to answer before moving forward

  1. Is it good for SEO to have a BigCommerce website?
  2. How do you optimize your BigCommerce website for the best results?


This article would revolve around these two questions, and before finishing the article you will be clear on the above two aspects.


  • Is it good for SEO to have a BigCommerce website?

Let me make it absolutely clear that there is no issue of SEO with a BigCommerce website. In addition to that, it is quite good for SEO to have a website from this platform. This is due to the following reasons:


  1. Site Speed: This is one of the most crucial things while dealing with SEO. Users won’t wait even 10 seconds for your time to load. This is why you need to speed up the process and what better way than to use BigCommerce. This platform aids to improve site loading speed and provides a pleasant user experience.


  1. Security: This is a grave concern for users, if there is no SSL, it is quite likely that a user won’t make a purchase. Observing this, BigCommerce has included SSL with the package of the website ensuring you are on a path to success.


  1. Responsive layout: While you don’t have to code, do not think for a second that the interfaces by Bigcommerce are laggy. The user interfaces are highly interactive and responsive. Moreover, there are tons of layouts to choose from. Hence, you have a great choice with amazing user-experience


So, as far as the first question goes, the answer is in the affirmative.


  • How do you optimize your BigCommerce website for the best results?

To optimize BigCommerce SEO, you don’t need expertise in this matter. All you need is relevant and specific information that you are going to get from this article. In the following text, we are providing useful tips that are destined to take your SEO goal to the next level.


Tips to improve BigCommerce SEO Rankings


  • Use SSL Certification

As emphasized above, it is quintessential to use the SSL tool that is included in the package you have bought, if not you have to look for an additional SSL certificate there are tons of websites like Godaddy which will provide you an SSL certificate. But, how do you know that your website is SSL secure or not?


This can be determined by the URL: if the URL states, ‘HTTPS’, then it is secured by an SSL certificate, if not, then it is not secured.


A word of caution here is, look for proper implementation of SSL tutorial if you have no prior experience in this domain. If the SSL is applied in the wrong manner, the ranking may even further go down.

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  • Enhance your loading speed

While Bigcommerce helps in a huge way to improve the loading speed, there are certain things that you as a user can keep in mind before proceeding. These small things will make up a lot of speed, so kindly pay attention to the small details


  1. Size of the images: A lot of website owners make the mistake that they want to have high-quality images on the website so they will upload an image of about 12MB to display. However, this would take a lot of time for the user to load such an image causing a huge issue. In this circumstance, what one can do is compress the image. Granted, that there will be some reduction in the quality of the image but still it would have a decent quality and the user would have a low loading time. In case, a user has a slow internet connection, it would take him or her a lot of time to load a 12MB photo.


  1. External scripts: these scripts make the user make a separate connection, which hinders the main connection to the website. Hence, in order for the benefit of the loading speed of the website, it is highly recommended to have the least amount of external scripts.


  1. Regular clean-ups: Regular clean-ups are extremely important, once a while you must check up on the speed of the website and if it has decreased, look for the factors that are making the website heavy. Maybe you have overlooked and uploaded a high-sized image or your external scripts are taking a lot of room. These regular cleanups will help you with things like these.


  • Using the page titles in the best manner possible

You must have read or heard a lot of people stressing to find out the right title in order to improve the SEO. Well, this is right for some very specific reasons. First, the title of the page gets picked up by the search engines. Second, it is one of the most crucial elements that the engine looks to meet the customer demands. 


The following are the things that a user can do to improve their page titles to boost the SEO:


  1. Eliminate repetition and unwanted things from the titles. Do not add useless things like ‘beautiful phone’ or ‘solid phone. No one in the majority searches for such titles. You need to be relevant to the point titles in order to attract customers. For instance: for mobile phones, you can have: XYZ BRAND MODEL NAME 32GB Black, with 3 GB Ram, 16-inch screen with Gorilla glass. This has all the relevant information and would have a high SEO ranking.


  1. Use Keywords in the title to enhance the SEO rankings. Keywords are nothing but words that are highly used by users to describe the product. There are tons of software and platforms on the web that can help you to generate keywords. All is left to do is to add them to your title and you are good to go.


  • The use of Backlinks

Backlinking is one of the most underappreciated tactics in the market, but it is still very successful. All you need is your communication skills to help you here. This step will help you promote your store in a big way and may even help you bring in a huge amount of traffic to the website.  


This is a common phenomenon these days to hire an influencer or a known professional to help you with a backlink. This means that you have to request that person or strike a deal so that he or she includes the link of your store in his blog, website, or social media profiles. Then, through this, you will receive traffic. This is one of the simplest and best methods to increase your conversion rate.


  •  Use your Meta Description Wisely

Meta descriptions are key for SEO, however, there are some things that you must keep in mind. First and foremost, try to fill the whole word limit of the meta description so that the chances of getting matched are high. This does not mean that you put irrelevant information, rather, try to provide every minute detail you can.


Secondly, keep your keywords in the first three lines. While this is not common knowledge, the reason behind this is quite concrete. This is done in order to ensure that even if the whole metadata is not caught by the engine, it picks up the first 2-3 lines. Hence, it can be beneficial to include the keywords in the first lines.


  • Optimize Images with Alt Tags

Using Alt Tags is a good practice that should be followed if anyone wants to improve the SEO rankings. Many times the search engine only looks at the alt tags in order to match a user with the search query. In this scenario, if your alt tag is something that is irrelevant, then you would miss out on sales. In order for you to rectify this all you have to do is to go to Bigcommerce, to the photo, properties, and modify the alt tag. 


This not only aids search engines in determining what the photographs are and ranking the page more accurately, but it also aids visually disabled individuals in determining what the picture is. 


  • The secret to success is excellent customer service

This may come as a shock to you as to how SEO and customer service related to each other. However, there is a direct link between the two. SEO is not only about your ranking in the short term- but in the long term and is highly contingent on the conversion rate. The conversion rate in turn is connected to the review of the customer.


It is the brand’s and product’s goodwill that will stand the test of time, and customer support plays a vital role in this process.  In case, you do not provide good customer service, then your page will be filled up with bad reviews and customers would not be happy. SEO is driven by customer satisfaction, hence, in order to improve your ranking, you have to improve your customer service.


Here are some tips to improve your customer service:


  1. Define a timeline as to the attendance of the issue and adhere to it
  2. Reply to the bad reviews and try to resolve the query of the customers
  3. Always be patient while attending to the issue
  4. Make sure you have a checkup call with the customer after attending to their issue
  5. Do not charge a customer service fee if the issue was your fault



Bigcommerce is a leading website for stores and there is tough competition in this market. The very few way to get ahead of the crowd is to do SEO. For many people, SEO is a technical thing to do and they even hire outside agencies for this. However, with these simple tips, there is no need to go outside and spend money, all you need is a little bit of time and patience and soon you are going to get good results


This list is given in no preference order and if you want, you can even start with the last tip. However, make sure to continue to do this as it is a continuous process and not a static one.