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Etsy SEO
    2. Working of the Search Engine

2.1 Query Matching

2.2 Ranking

2.2.1 Relevance

2.2.2 Listing rating score

2.2.3 Time frame

2.2.4 Customer Reviews

2.2.5 Comparative Price

2.2.6 Shipping Price

  3. Tips to improve Esty’s SEO

3.1 Shop title

3.2 Setting the right Keywords

3.3 Utilize the tags feature to its full potential

3.4 Use High-Quality Photos

3.5 Customise your shop sections optimally

3.6 Renewing your listings regularly

3.7 Gather Backlinks

3.8 Etsy Ads

3.9 Accurate and informative description

  4. Conclusion


Etsy SEO

There are in total 3.68 million active sellers on Etsy, this is why it is quintessential to focus on the aspect of listing and visibility. Without a proper integration of SEO, it would be very difficult to make sales. In this very article, we are providing users with fabulous tips to hike your listing and visibility in no time.


However, in order to move forward we must pay attention to the algorithm of the website and determine how the search works:


Working of the Search Engine

Etsy’s search feature is intended to provide shoppers with the items they need, hence it operates on a consumer need model. The better the quality and relevance of your product and product title is, the better it would be. This is why there are two parts to the operation of the search engine: query matching and ranking. This process may seem complicated, however, once you learn this you would always have an edge in listing.


Query matching works on a variety of factors that you need to set right. The title that you set must be relevant, the product must be put in the right category, the tags you place must be related to the product and customer’s top choice of search while searching a product of your category. This helps the Esty algorithm to determine that your product would meet the demand of the consumers.


Ranking is not based on a single determinant and hence, it is based on the following factors:


  • Relevance: As discussed above that relevance is quite crucial for this process and it affects ranking in a major way.
  • Listing rating score: This shows how good a listing converts. To do this, the website searches for cues to determine how attractive a listing is, because the more users who browse and buy a listing, the higher its rating score and location in search results.
  • Time frame: When a listing is new, then Esty boosts it so that more and more people can try it and then the potential of the listing is discovered. This does not mean you should keep creating listings, however, to retain customers in the beginning is a good idea. 
  • Customer Reviews: It is a fact that sales is highly affected by customer reviews and so is ranking. If you have a bad customer rating score then it is highly likely that the ranking of your listing is low. You must offer good quality products and services to attain high ranking.
  • Comparative price: Comparative price means to look at the price of your rivals. If the same product as yours is available at a lower price then there would be a very less conversion rate of your product which would influence your ranking. Hence, always research about the market before setting the price.
  • Shipping Price: A heavy shipping price can kill the price and affect your convert rate. The concept is somewhat similar to that of comparative price. Do not exceed the shipping price to such a degree that people cannot purchase the product.


Now that we have understood how the search engine works. It is the amalgamation of these factors which makes it functions, let’s look at some tips to improve the listing of your products and improve your Esty’s SEO.


Tips to Improve Esty’s SEO

  • Shop Title

Relevance is the key here again. Your shop title is a short description of your shop and it must reflect what you sell and also makes it clear to the customers. This helps you reach customers easily and leaves a huge impact on your SEO.


The title is crucial as it creates the first impression. It does not need to be plain, creative taglines are also highly revelevent. One such example here is HappyInkyGift. It is clear from the title that they provide personalised inked gifts such as t-shirts. It is creative, playful and a good example to take inspiration from.


  • Setting the right Keywords

Keywords are the soul of SEO, without setting these right, it is very hard to get good ranking. This is very simple to understand, for instance you sell watches, however, you sell a variety of watches including gold watches. You must include ‘gold watches’ as keyword. Otherwise a user searching for ‘gold watch’ would not visit your page instead he or she would visit someone else you used this keyword trick. While the title of the shop page must be creative and unique these keywords must be general and the words must be used by many. 


An additional tip here is that do not try to break down your keywords to the extent that you overdo it. The stonewall reason for this is that Esty prioritises the exact match rule. This means ‘Gold Watch’ as a keyword will match with Gold Watch in the search. However, if you break the two: 

Gold’ and ‘Watch’, there is a low possibility of getting matches.


  • Utilize the tags feature to its full potential

This is a mistake done by beginners that you must avoid. The tag feature allows you to get 13 tags that you must set. However, these tags are only optional to set and many users skip this step which costs them a lot. You must set all of these 13 tags. However, this is not it, there are general guidelines that you must follow while doing this process.


  1. Do not repeat tags, each tag must be unique
  2. Relevance is the key, do not use unwanted tags
  3. Tags must be to the point
  4. Don’t use a tag that is already included in the attributes
  5. Don’t use multiple language
  6. Don’t overstretch and use plurals just to create unique tags


By following this simple method, you are on your way to a good SEO rating.


  • Use High Quality Photos

In an e-commerce shop, the crucial thing to focus on are product photos as they directly influence customer choices. This is a big concern if you try to market high-end, luxury items and are using pictures taken on an old phone. In this digital age, the best presentation you can send to your customers is high-quality images that give a realistic picture of the product. Even the statistics is in the favour of high-quality photos, this is illustrated as follows:



Quality of the images rank higher than reviews and cost of the item, shocked? Well, this is the reality, no one will buy a product that does not look good in the images. The simple logic that if followed is that, when the image is not looking good, how will the product be any different? Do not make this mistake and kill your sales. Take professional photos in order to boost your sales.

  • Customise your shop sections optimally

Shops are diversified and for that reason they can be further bifurcated into categories to make it easier for the customers. This is why optimal bifurcation is required for you to categorise items. These sections usually involve: age form, colour etc. First, each information that you must enter must be accurate. Second, the information you must enter should not be ambiguous. 


  • Renewing your listings regularly

Recency is a crucial factor as we have discussed in the ranking section. Everytime a new listing is introduced it is pushed a little more than the old listings. This small boost can help you increase your sales. Moreover, you must know that the timeframe of this boost is very limited to some hours or days. However, if from the start you maintain high quality and decent price you are all set to go.


Esty in its recommendation clearly states that it is not a good idea to renew your listings in the long-term. While this is very true, we must be smart about it. There are always some cautions doings this. First, do not overdo it, overdoing it will definitely negatively impact your listings. Secondly, this can be done as a strategic tool, if you see that your listings are going doing then you can renew the listing at the time of holidays where there is huge traffic in the market. What this will do is get you customers, increase your covert rate and in the long term increase your ranking.

  • Gather Backlinks

The concept of backlinks or inbound links is very simple. These are other mediums that publish your store link and through that you can get customers on your website. This is highly beneficial for your ranking and it is one of those things that is highly recognised by the Search Engine Optimization Tools. At this point, we would like to suggest you the following mediums to gather backlinks:


  • Blogs: There are unlimited blogs online and these blogs can be your path to success. Suppose there is a blog with a huge readership which reviews blogs. Now you make a deal with that person to give honest reviews of your product. By doing this, when the blog publishes that review, you can ask him/her to add a backlink. This will bring you customers as the readers will enjoy the amazing reviews of your product. 

An alternative way to do this is also to make a blog of your own related to your product. Over the time when you gain readership, you can also include backlinks in that blog.


  • Social Media: Social Media is a good medium to gain popularity and this can help your store get substantial followers. To avail the benefit of social media you must look for collaboration with influencers. The idea is to send the influencer a product to try, in return they give their viewers a honest review along with the store link to buy it.


  • Connect with other Etsy Shop owneracs: This cross collaboration can also be beneficial where two shop owners collaborate to promote each other’s stores. These can be related products for suppose a furniture shop can promote stores that provide various tools for creating furniture. This way both can benefit from the process.


  • Etsy Ads is the way to go

The professional way to go about the SEO on Etsy may include running paid ads. It gives your product the extra push they need, boost the reach, boost the convert rate and in usual benefit your brand in the long term. This is a viable strategy if you have funds for it, it has a huge chance of benefiting you.


A normal advertisement may appear like this with a symbol of ‘advertisement’ on the left hand corner.


  • Accurate and informative description 

Technically one may argue that Esty’s description has nothing to do with SEO and it is right. This is due to the fact that Esty’s SEO does not scan the description. However, to have accurate description will help you increase your convert rate which will in turn improve your SEO.


The second thing that you must note here is that Etsy has no limit to product description. However, to write a 5000 word description would not help you as no one is going to read it. 


In order to write a better product description follow these steps:


  1. Do not overextend the words to describe your product/products. Keep it precise and to the point.
  2. Do not make grammatical error, this would set off the customer and the customer would assume that this is an unprofessional brand
  3. Begin by writing important details or using a ‘hook’. A hook is a method by which you attract the customers by using fancy lines. 
  4. Always add other products in the description, this may lead the customer to other products even if the customer is not interested in this product.



Etsy SEO is an effective method to improve your listing. These 9 tips can give you a lot of leverage over your competitors. These are listed in no order of preference. In this digital world learning techniques like these is crucial and winning Etsy SEO is highly doable with our help.