How Facebook ads can leverage your e-commerce business


Ecommerce businesses have vast potential, and they have elevated how companies operate in the digital era. The online approach did make shopping quite convenient and seamless for consumers across the world. Nevertheless, with unprecedented growth and adoption comes unexpected challenges as more and more platforms are getting online to build a robust customer base. Currently, the eCommerce industry is worth billions of dollars across the world, but there are challenges.


Technology has made shopping convenient, and the competition keeps on growing significantly. However, not all eCommerce businesses are making decent revenue, and neither is there a shred of consistency. The challenges are both small and big. Here’s where social media giant Facebook comes into being. If you’re looking to reach a broader target audience, using Facebook is all you need. There are tons of features that Facebook ads offer to enhance your everyday e-commerce sale. 


Facebook has undoubtedly the most widespread social media platform that has its roots spread wide across pan india. 


People of almost all age groups are on facebook, so you don’t need to worry about the suitability of your business ads on facebook, you will manage to find your audience. Facebook ads not only enables you to explore more audience than you possibly could have using organic marketing, Facebook ads builds a brand image of your product. People trust the products which they see on reliable sites like Facebook. Moreover, Facebook paves way for you to explore various leads that may lead to future opportunities. 


Let’s take a tour of how Facebook ads for e-commerce can aid in amplifying the business.


What are Facebook ads for eCommerce?


Facebook allows eCommerce and any other business type to place their ads in different ways to appeal to customers. You can choose your ads to be simple or sophisticated, depending on your requirement and budget. With Facebook ads, your business can reach around two billion people from across the world.


Many eCommerce businesses join Facebook to market both their services and products. As an entrepreneur, it is your sacred duty to know who would need to acquire your product or service. With Facebook ads for e-commerce, you can determine and differentiate between location, age, job, and why the service or product is excellent for them.


Facebook has a cutting-edge tool, namely Audience Insights, that allows you to dive into the potential of finding customers. The device can help eCommerce businesses procure information on education, gender, location, relationship status, and preferred language. You can also keep tabs on the Facebook usage of your target audience and past purchases.


If you have an eCommerce business, then you must opt for creating a business page for Facebook. All you need to do is sign up for the social media platform’s business page. Then you’d have to choose the type of business from the availability option alongside local business, brand, place, as well as cause. Fill in more details about your business, and do not forget to add your logo, image, profile picture, and cover picture. You’d find a striking similarity between creating a business page and a conventional profile.


Remember, these additions represent the entire backbone of your page. Make sure to add the page description, a crisp one that would entice your potential customers. Creating a username would aid you in allowing customers to contact you through Messenger. These procedures will help you to establish a subtle presence on Facebook. The customers would then seek your services and product as soon as you start posting relevant content on Facebook.


How can Facebook Ads help your business?


Running Facebook Ads for your products and services is the best way to attract the visibility that your business needs on social media. To avail the benefits of Facebook Ads, you need to create a Facebook account. The paid service from Facebook will never disappoint you from the beginning. Whenever you’re posting content, you need to pay a small share for a dedicated target audience. Further, allowing you to get your ads right in front of the interested customers to ace conversion. Given that the service is paid, it will give you substantial revenue over the days, years, or months.


According to the study by eMarketer, around 96% of total marketers across the world prefer Facebook over any other social media platform for advertising their products and service. Facebook ads for e-commerce ads provide insurmountable returns upon the investment you’ve made to push your content to potential customers in your pre-destined target audience. There are tons of options that advertisers can use in their strategy to attain maximum conversion in the desired time frame.


Having a Facebook Pixel account is much needed for any eCommerce business. With a Pixel account, you can run Facebook ads for e-commerce seamlessly and without a hiccup. Facebook via Pixel allows building a targeted custom-made audience for foreseeable ads. At the same time, it also collects data and triggers cookies, which you can place directly on your website. You can then interact with your visitors directly on your website or ads. Additionally, Pixel also aids in remarketing alongside your audience’s information when you wish to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook.


To create ads on Facebook, you’ve to select the option “Create Ads” located on the drop-down menu located on the business page’s upper-right side. Now that you’re aware of the potential and raw conversion prowess that Facebook possesses, let’s dig into how to kick start your campaign:



  • Strategize and Plan: You’ll find all the tools in the section called “Plan,” which would help you learn the likes and dislikes regarding the target audience. You need to create aesthetically professional visual design to highlight your products and service. You can also opt for content such as testimonials and articles to entice the customers. Facebook also provides a Live post and real-time video option to connect with your audience instantly.

  • After creating, manage: Your business account also provides tools to create and manage both ads and campaigns. Once the content and strategy are assembled, you must ensure that you dedicate around 80% of your posts to educate, entertain, and inform your target audience. On the other hand, 20% of your ad posts should use the remaining 20% to promote your product. The more ideas you share and the stories you tell to your audience, the more you could connect with your target audience.

  • Measure & Report: Posting ads in one thing, and analyzing their performance is another. With Facebook ads for e-commerce businesses, you can check how your ads are performing. The Ads tool has a reliable option, namely, Measure and Report, for this purpose. If you want, you can also create custom conversions for tracking the ads and meet your business goals.


Getting Started with Facebook Ads


As an eCommerce business, you and your team need to understand the Ad algorithm of Facebook. Once you’ve identified the algorithm, rest assured, you’ll get a good user experience. Facebook offers a practical reason as to why the algorithm exists. You can set your preference to optimize your budget. As the leader in the social media sphere, Facebook wants to incorporate a holistic user experience by providing meaningful interactions.


Businesses should maintain ad transparency to figure out Facebook’s algorithm. There are a few things that you need to study to make your ads transparent and click, such as:



  • Keep tabs on consumer markets as well as competitor campaigns. The golden rule of Facebook Ads is that all campaigns that your competition runs are invaluable regarding your campaign. You must also see how they ace with the target audience through their website, CTA, and landing pages.

  • Facebook often rolls out new features only for businesses. As soon as these features are launched, make sure to implement them in your forthcoming campaign to gain instant appreciation from both competitors and the audience.

  • The Facebook user base is your potential customers. The more you engage with users on Facebook, the more they’d want your ad to appear in the daily news feed.


Each moment is the best time to build and push an effective, clickable Facebook Ads campaign. It is the plan of action that will make your ads stand out from the crowd. Flying completely blind will sink in your investments. Retargeting ads are also quite important as the people who have already engaged with your ads might consider purchasing from your ad post. If they don’t buy the product for the second time, they might still keep the product in the cart, which is also a big win. Retargeting your target audience would remind them to make the purchase the second or the third time.


eCommerce businesses should integrate three advertising strategies, in the beginning, to step up their game:



  • Provide free content to engage your audience at first. Here content marketing will aid in differentiating your very essence of eCommerce business and warm up the audience. Education and inspiring your audience will ultimately benefit you.

  • Ever considered delivering the core values of your business through products and service ads on Facebook? If you include email marketing, your visibility will be skyrocketing. Customers can take a peek at your message directly in their Messenger threads while browsing Facebook.

  • Exploit Facebook Pixel immensely by integrating it into your website. Moreover, you can also target the people who did visit your website recently.


The possibilities with Facebook ads is insurmountable; it is up to you how to leverage the raw potential of Facebook to draw our potential customers and, in turn, revenue. Facebook has also introduced Ad Funnel for curating a zestful ad sequence for robust email marketing, such as:




  • Hook Ad: If you wish to draw an ideal client directly into your community, you should opt for a hook ad. You can introduce a coupon code, challenge, webinar to touch your customers’ psyche.

  • Nurture Ad: People come into this funnel after they’ve availed of the offerings from Hook Ad.

  • Testimonial Ad: If your product or service has tremendously aided someone, you can highlight them in the form of a testimonial and post an ad.

  • Ask Ad: When all of your leads are aware of your business and offering, this ad funnel will offer them to solve their problems. By the looks of it, this is the stage where your paid strategies will bear fruitful results.


Frequently asked questions:


1) Is it worthy enough to incorporate Facebook ads to enhance the eCommerce business?


Facebook Ads is all about return on investment. These days, cost-per-click has become cheap and convenient; at the same time, it is more effective on Facebook than other platforms. Moreover, with the volumes of people using facebook, the chances that ads will result in increased sales are much more than any other platform. 


2) What sort of images should you use for Facebook ads?


Sharing the images of people behind your business instigates an emotional quotient among the audience. The image should be such that makes the viewer spare his valuable time and go through the ad. Users are always in a jiggy hence you sd image should be compelling enough to instigate the user to go through the ad. Even funny pictures with quirky slogans intrigues users on Facebook.


3) What is a good budget for Facebook ads? 

Well you are the best person to answer this question for yourself, we are in no position to respond to this question on your behalf. For small businesses it’s advisable to start steady, a daily budget of 1-3$ would be sufficient to start with. Obviously this figure will vary depending upon the product you are trying to market and the audience you wish to cater. Later the purse for ads can be increased accordingly after evaluating the increase in the revenue for each dollar spend.