Magento SEO


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1. Introduction
2. Exploring factors on which Magneto SEO is based
Here are some Magento SEO Tips

3.1 Update to the latest version

3.2 Optimise URL to its full potential

3.2.1 Switching off the store code

3.2..2 Remove the .html default extension

3.3 Customize the settings of your product images

3.4 Laying out a sitemap

3.5 Using mobile-friendly themes

3.6  Speeding up your website

3.7  Include a SSL Certificate

3.8 Backlinking

3. Conclusion

Hence, with firecrackers and celebrations, we bring you the best tips in the market to outshine your store and gain a competitive advantage over others.Introduction
Over 270,000 merchants choose Magento for their business. Magneto’s incredible ability to prove stability to its customers is one of its reasons for its success. This is the choice of many proud shop owners and for specific reasons. It not only provides numerous templates but also it provides a flexible system that makes them fully customizable. With its unique page builder it is very easy to build a store in no time. Additionally, it also enables you to take advantage of PWA studio, which is vital for mobile optimization. Lastly, many customers have problems with trust when it comes to platforms, however, Magento is an established platform and is highly trustworthy.

Exploring factors on which Magneto SEO is based
Every algorithm works on a basis of few factors ad if you master those factors, then it is highly likely that you are going to have a pleasant listing of the website and can sell tons of products.
For this to happen,you have to pay attention to three crucial details:

  1. Accessibility: Accessibility means the ability of the customer to easily derive meaningful content from your website in less time. SEO notices such things and this is one of those factors that help you push your website instantly. A non-responsive website will never appear in the top pages easily.
  1. Relevance: Relevance is the key, clickbait never works in the long run. There is this new trend to try to clickbait the user into opening your website. However, the time a user spends on your website is noticed and as soon as he or she realises it is clickbait, the user will leave the website. This will increase the bounce rate hence harming the ranking of the website.
  1. Safety and Security: Safety is essential for the protection of your customers. You have to make sure that there is a domain for secure payment and the website is protected by a security certificate. No one wants to make a payment on an unsecured website, hence this small thing will benefit you a lot.

Here are some Magento SEO Tips

  • Update to the latest version

The idea of updating to the latest version is set to remove any bugs, improve the features, and stay in connection with today’s marketplace. Android releases various updates through which it removes and adds features for the better customer experience. A similar process is taken up by Magento SEO.

This will help you in SEO as newer versions of websites are always recommended as they are more customer friendly. As we have learned above, customer experience is the key to SEO, hence, this is a must-do tip. Updating to the newer version would not take up much of the time and would also increase the accessibility and security of the page depending on the update introduced.

  • Optimise URL to its full potential

In order to understand the complexities of this topic let’s first start with the basics. What are the factors through which you can optimise your URL? There are certain things that you need to keep in mind. First, don’t overstretch it, keep it easy to read. Second, do not use Upper case, lower case is preferred. Third, there must be relevance as to how you are structuring the URL, it must not be random.

In addition to this, here are some tips to fully unleash the potential of your URL:

  • Switching off the store code

In order to begin the optimization process and make the URL friendly for customers the first and foremost thing you have to do is to switch off the store code. To do this you have to follow the direction as followed:

URL: Store – Configuration – General – Web  – URL Options – Add Store Code to URL –  ‘No’

The second thing you want to do is that under SEO, you will find Web Server Rewrites, turn it on to YES and it will clean the URLs.

  • Remove the .html default extension

One of the things that you always must be on the lookout for is the .html default extension, it is enabled by default and can derail your growth. It is recommended to disallow this extension as in the long run, it is going to cause you problems.

At first it may seem complicated to remove this tag, however by using the following instructions it can be easily done:

  1. Login to the Magenti account
  2. Go to Store – Configuration – Catalog – SEO
  3. Look for Product URL Suffix and Category URL Suffix
  4. Remove .html extension and add a slash ‘/’ at the end
  5. You are good to go, save and exit

3) Customize the settings of your product images
This is one of those things that not people know about, this is why it is a good place to gain an edge over your competitors. There are certain product images settings and saving options that you can use to your benefit to optimize SEO on Magento.

Starting with the name of the file, it should not be in a default format like untitled.jpeg or some random sequence. This is the part of SEO, it should describe the product in the format of a title. If you are selling a guitar, then the file name should be black-Kemp-acousticguitar.jpg. This will make it easier for the search engine to find the product. This is known as the alt tags and search engines do not work 100 percent on image recognition, they also use alt tags to find matches with user query.

The second tip here is to stop uploading big images. An image of 15MB would take 15seconds for a user with an internet connection of 15MB/sec and in this digital era, no one waits more than 3-4 seconds for an image to load. This is why you must compress your image, choose a format which suits, and keep the image below 1MB.

Thirdly, this does not mean that you have to compromise a lot on the quality of your image and start uploading photos from your phone. A professional photo can also be compressed by adjusting image dimension and resolution through online softwares and tools.

4) Laying out a sitemap
Sitemaps helps navigation and this is quintessential if you are going to succeed in SEO boosting. This helps the users to follow a particular map to navigate, think of it like a ‘main menu’, without it you would have to search every time through search engines. Instead, if you have a main menu, users can easily access those pages. Again, everything links back to accessibility which is the foundation of improving SEO.

5) Using mobile friendly themes
In 2020, the number of unique mobile internet users stood at 4.28 billion, indicating that over 90 percent of the global internet population use a mobile device to go online. Now, if you are not optimized for mobile users, then you are already losing out on 90 percent of your business. This means you are out of the game even by doing everything but missing this. Not anymore, the secret is out and now you can easily optimize your theme for mobile users.

Optimization here means to improve the interface,  accessibility and speed of loading the website. Additionally, you must also check that all functions are working fine on the mobile devices. For this, we recommend you to use PWA – Progressive Web App which helps a user to make a mobile friendly site. By using this you ensure that you are messing anything up. It is easy to use and quite self-explanatory.

Some of the perks for using PWA is as follows:

  • The connection is secure
  • There is no room for bugs for mobile users
  • The speed of connection is improved
  • The site is more responsive for mobile users relatively if you haven’t optimised it
  • PWA helps to provide browser compatibility with various models

Having a mobile theme is one of the most important elements of not only your Magento SEO strategy but also for converting website visitors into customers.

  • Speeding up your website

The digital world is all about speed, hence, you should make it each and every effort to reduce the load time of the website. However, this can never be done with the default setting. Let us go through the things in order to increase the speed of your website

  1. First, what one can do is to enable caching. This is a very easy process, go to System – Cache management and enable the a;; the options. This would definitely aid you to improve the speed.
  2. Secondly, you must always aim to keep a very low amount of external files. These files make the user adopt a second connection, hence, making the process slow.
  1. Thirdly, you must audit your website in intervals. As you keep uploading different media on the website, the load on the website increases. This can result in slow loading speech, you need this audit in order to do a clean-up once in a while.

7) Include a SSL Certificate
Think of an SSL security like a seal of trust, without it, you are not trusted. This is one of the most important things for Magento SEO. This certificate guarantees that your website is secure and there is nothing shady about it. Hence, people with technical knowledge refrain from making purchases from websites that do not have SSL. Secondly, the rankings are highly affected, without customer trust, you will never rank high in the SEO list.

But, how do you determine whether you have a SSL certificate or not as most hostings do include them. This can be easily determined by the URL of the website.

If the URL is HTTPS, with a ‘s’ on the end, this means that you have a SSL certificate. However, if it is showing HTTP, then this is a clear indication that there is no SSL

Before purchasing a domain make sure that hosting provides you with an SSL certificate and if not, make sure to have arrangements made beforehand. There are a lot of places on the internet that can get you a SSL certificate like GoDaddy.

8) Backlinking
Backlink is one of the most underrated techniques in the segment, however still very effective. Through backlink you can help your store promote directly. For this all you need is certain collaboration with people. Suppose you are running a store selling sport goods, now a sports blog or a sportsperson can have your link in their blog. This will help you get traffic to your blog instantly, improve your convert rate and push your SEO through the roof.

The unique thing about this is that you don’t have to be a tech person in order to understand this process. It is easy, all you have to do is to give that person a link and make a business deal with him in order to promote the store.

A crucial thing here is to maintain a good customer service in order to retain the customers you are getting from that blog. Otherwise, you are just going to get a momentary boost and nothing else. This backlinking and promotions can also be done through social media influencers which is a budding phenomenon in India.

Magento has established itself as one of the biggest e-commerce platforms providing sites in this industry. For you to outshine is a hard task now, however, with the help of this article and the 9 practical Magento SEO tips we have provided you are destined for success. All you have to do is follow them one by one. The tips are in no order of preference and you can take your pick as to which one you want to start from.