Here are some tips and trick to make the most out of Youtube Ads







Tips and tricks to make the most out of your Youtube Ads

2.1 Choose the format of the advertisement wisely

2.2 Optimize Advertisement using Youtube Targeting Techniques

2.3 Connect emotionally with the users

2.4 Do not exhaust your budget – Use templates

2.5 Do not just display the advertisement, initiate a cause of action

2.6 Review the metrics

2.7 simple, yet effective is the key

2.8 Design ads for the mobile version of Youtube








Youtube advertising is one the rise. More and more companies and brands are opting for this method of advertising due to its overwhelming response. Many famous youtubers are many a time hired to play as actors in these ads. This is due to the reason that Youtube has a massive audience. According to the latest YouTube statistics, the video-sharing platform has 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021. The special part about this platform is that it has got almost everything for every age group. Be it cooking videos or wifi configuration videos, you can get tutorials of almost anything.


This is why due to its massive reach people have started to display paid advertisements before videos or use different types of ads. In this article we will cover effective ways to make the most of your Youtube Ads and guide you on a path to success.


Choose the format of the advertisement wisely

On the onset, it may look very complicated to go for Youtube advertisements. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of options to choose from, however, this can help you choose the perfect medium for you. In order to choose the best option for yourself, let us first know about all the variations available:



Each advertisement benefit has its own benefits. The trend in 2021 is that big brands tend to use non-skippable ads before the videos so that the brand awareness is increased. Due to the high watching time, these big brands massively increase their brand name by playing their advertisement before big Youtubers. This in turn, also builds goodwill of the brand and keeps the name of the brand in the market and in the mind of the customers. 


However, if you are someone who is looking to start out on its Youtube journey or you have a small company then you may not be able to allocate a heavy budget on non-skippable advertisement. So a lot depends on the budget and the frequency of the advertisement. As a person starting out, you can opt for sponsored cards so that interested people can approach you. Skippable ads are a good way to test out the response of the customers to your advertisement before shifting to non-skippable advertisement.


Optimize Advertisement using Youtube Targeting Techniques

Just like SEO techniques for Google, there is a crucial need to optimize your Youtube Advertisements. The rationale is the same, when there are millions of users, you need to stand out from the crowd and offer something new. Moreover, the process of Youtube Targeting is fairly simple Youtube is a user-friendly platform and this is why they grant you great flexibility. 


The first and foremost thing you can try is demographic targeting and it is highly beneficial. Suppose you are from India and you are publishing your content in the regional language. Then there is a high need to enable this option otherwise other people would not connect with the video advertisement. You are likely to get more favourable results by selecting India in this scenario.


This can increase the chance of your brand promotion, engagements and what not. Moreover, you can also target people according to their interests and help them discover your amazing brand/product.


Connect emotionally with the users

You know why in this modern generation movies are preferred over books? This is because the acting of the professional actor forms an emotional connect that stays with the audience. This is the very technique that you must use and aim for. The whole idea of using advertisements is to boost sales and increase brand awareness. This can be possible when your audience is emotionally invested in your idea. Hence, you need to make compelling advertisements.


Do not just use graphics, try to have a human contact in the advertisement. This is surely going to boost your chances if you do it right. Another idea that some advertisements have started to use is to include a social message, that is just a beautiful way to promote your brand. Choose an idea which works for you and make sure to add the creative spark to it.


Do not exhaust your budget – Use templates

This is one of the most practical tips that you must note here. You are not all Samsung or Reliance that you have big bucks to spend on video creation, graphic work, sound work etc. So what you can opt for is to use templates. Templates are of two types: paid and free templates. You can choose anything that fits in your budget and now one may ask, is there a drawback to using templates? Absolutely not, templates are user-friendly and pre-created so that you can see how it looks and integrate it with your brands. Big brands try to come up with new ideas, hence, they do not use templates. However, if a person is starting out, it is a good idea to use templates to interact with customers.


Do not just display the advertisement, initiate a cause of action

This is a subtle difference between the advertisement you display and the advertising professionals display but by using this the professionals get a huge edge. Not anymore, by using this trick you are initiating a cause of action and telling the customer what to do after they see your ad. 




Take this for instance, in this advertisement you are included with a start now button so that the user can directly go to your platform. This is very effective and one must always include such small tweaks. More people are likely to visit your platform through this method.


Review the metrics

Reviewing the metrics is like a report card of your advertisement, one must always go through it in regular intervals. So what exactly would these metrics show you? There are numerous factors that are tracked like watch time, total views, duration of view, conversion, retention etc. These help you determine that after running your advertisement is there a growth in any area and if any, in what area. For instance, suppose there is an increase in the total views but no increase in the conversion rate. So what you can do is to switch your advertisement type. This works like an aid to experiment and find out the best possible method for advertisement.


Simple, yet effective is the key

The biggest mistake made by young advertisers is that they want to explain everything about the brand in just 60 seconds. This is just practically not possible and what happens is that the user tends to get confused and do not click on the ad. Advertisement is not a place to explain the concept. What you need is a ‘hook’. A hook is a specific line desired to attract the customers and engage them quickly to the advertisement.Moreover, a hook can also be symbolic in nature. Professional actors are seen dancing in advertisements because it acts like a hook to engage the audience. 


Design ads for mobile version of Youtube

It is a fact that the people using Youtube on smartphones are higher than that of the desktop version. In this modern world, if you are not optimizing your advertisement for mobile then you are missing out on a lot. While some may argue that it is the same video and it needs no optimization for mobile version, they are wrong.


Mobiles have different display settings and this is what you need to keep in mind. In order to give a great experience to these users you need to have bright frames with a creative background, clear graphics and simple message.


Moreover, recently many famous Youtube Channels have also started to upload and advertise in vertical formats which are supported by Youtube mobile. This can be a great marketing strategy that you can use to engage a specific device target audience.



Youtube is the new platform for professionals to gather brand awareness and to promote their product. The reason it is for professionals is due to the high cost involved and the advanced targeting methods. However, by the help of this article you will get to know the techniques that are required to help your business grow. Along with that, it also includes a variety of options as to how to choose your advertisement, how to review your progress and how to formulate new strategies. With the combination of all these elements you are all set to embark on your Youtube Advertising journey.